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Giatec iCOR Wireless NDT Corrosion Detection
Detailed corrosion evaluation
reinforced concrete structures
High- precision sensors
evaluation in concrete
Wireless device

Giatec iCOR Wireless NDT Corrosion Detection

A non-destructive testing tool for detailed corrosion evaluation of reinforced concrete structures without the need to have an electrical connection to the rebar.

  • High-Precision Sensors
  • Corrosion rate mapping of rebar
  • Corrosion potential mapping of rebar
  • In-situ real electrical resistivity of concrete
  • Ambient temperature and relative humidity
  • Applications

ICOR® is a unique NDT device for the condition assessment of reinforced concrete structures. It can be used for:

  • Detection of corrosion in the reinforcement
  • Measurement of corrosion rate in concrete structures
  • Measurement of real in-situ electrical resistivity of concrete
  • Evaluation of corrosion potential of rebar in concrete
  • Rehabiliation and repair of concrete structures

Patented Technology

Giatec iCOR® benefits from the patented CEPRA technology that makes it possible to estimate the corrosion rate of rebar through a non-invasive approach. This means that the need for connecting the device to the rebar (which is the case for other commercial devices) is eliminated in iCOR®.

This makes iCOR® the most convenient and ONLY wireless corrosion rate measurement device that can be used both in the field and in laboratories.


Testing Time

3 to 30 seconds (6 measurements)

Corrosion Rate Range

0 to 500 μm / year

Corrosion Potential Range

-800 to +200 mV / CSE


Electrical Resistivity Range

0 to 10,000 Ω • m

Operating Temperature

32 ~ 113 °F (0 ~ 45 °C)

Operating Humidity

20 ~ 90% RH

Storage Temperature

0 ~ 70 °C

Storage Humidity

5 ~ 90%

Operating Voltage/ Current

24 v


184 x 116.5 mm (DxH)