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Pile Dynamics Pile Integrity Tester PIT-X  
PIT-X for Low strain integrity testing  
Low Strain Impact Integrity Testing is a non-destructive pile testing method for integrity assessments of augered cast-in-place piles, drilled shafts or driven concrete or timber piles. If major defects exist, test results may be interpreted to estimate their magnitude and location. Test results may also be used to estimate pile length.  

PIT-X comply with ASTM D5882.  

Pile Dynamics- Pile Integrity Tester PIT-X

Low strain integrity testing by pulse echo or transient response methods Reveals potential shaft or pile defects such as major cracks, necking, soil inclusions or voids Can be used to determine unknown pile lengths PIT-X has one data input channel, used to record the acceleration measured on the pile PIT-X read data from a wireless accelerometer Optional PIT-Professional reporting software allows advanced modeling and analysis  

ASTM D5882-16 Compliant
Pile Integrity Tester is compliant with ASTM D5882-16.   This test method covers the procedure for determining the integrity of individual vertical or inclined piles by measuring and analyzing the velocity (required) and force (optional) response of the pile induced by an (hand held hammer or other similar type) impact device usually applied axially and perpendicularly to the pile head surface.  
Using the Pile Dynamics SPT Analyzer  

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[Special Promotion for NDT instruments] Pile Dynamics- PIT-X