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Test the location of rebar in concrete
test the distribution of magnetic and conductor
Dual probe configuration
Test high precision
three years host warranty

Field of use:

ZBL-R630A is used to test the location of rebar in concrete, the thickness of the protective layer, and the diameter, orientation, and distribution of rebar by using an electromagnetic induction method. It also can be used to test the distribution of magnetic and conductor such as cables and metal pipes in non-magnetic medium and non-conducting medium.

ZBL-R630A Rebar Detector is

(1) Bridge, tunnel, wall and other concrete structure of the steel bar position, distribution and direction of steel, protective layer thickness, the detection of steel bar diameter;

(2) The non-ferromagnetic media in the ferromagnetic and electrical conductivity (such as wires, pipelines) to detect the distribution;

(3) Concrete structure constuction quality acceptance inspection;

(4) Assess the safety and durability of the sturcture under construction;

(5) The old structure to assess the transformation of the amount of reinforcement test;

(6) On the floor or wall cable, plumbing and other ditribution and direction to detect

Quality Stems from the professional

  1. Professional R&D team
  2. Production department
  3. After layers of quality inspection
  4. Users at ease choice


  • Dual proba configuration
    Fully adapt to large area fast scan, complex component testing needs
  • Test high precision
    Multi-parameter bar detection sensor to ensure accurate and reliable data
  • Dust and waterproof design


Applicable range

ɸ6mm~ ɸ50mm

Protective layer thickness range (mm)

First range

Second range



Maximum allowed error for protective layer thickness

±1 mm



±2 mm



±4 mm



Maximum allowed error

±1rebar standard

Data transmission

GPRS wireless transmission, thumb drive storage available


Built-in chargeable lithium battery

Battery Time

>38 hrs


212mm x 134mm x 50mm