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assess the integrality of concrete pile
Testing the exposed top surface
Testing perfusion pile
Testing hammer pile
Wireless transmission
Software online upgrade
3 years host warranty

By using the reflected wave method, the apparatus is used to assess the integrality of concrete pile and identity the extent and location of the pile defect. It can be used for testing perfusion pile and hammer pile. It can also be used for testing the exposed top surface of constructions such as pillars.

The wireless pile dynamic detector is designed for detection of pile integrity by reflection wave method, it could determine the extent and location of the pile defects, it can be used to test the pile and into the pile, it can also be used for top-exposed structures (such as piers, etc.) for testing.

Quality STEMS From The Professional

  1. Professional R&D team
  2. Production department
  3. After layers of quality inspection
  4. Users at ease choice


– True 24-bit data acquisition
High-fidelity design, true 24-bit A/D data acquisition, test waveforms are more realistic, to avoid floating-point amplification caused by the noise is too large and signal distortion
– Wavelet Analysis Processing Technology
The new wavelet analysis and processing technology effectively extracts the pile reflection signal
-Wireless transmission
Sensors and Tablet PC between the use of wireless transmission, convenient and quick, get rid of the signal line entanglement troubles
-Software online upgrade
Can be online intelligent upgrade Tablet PC detection software, with ‘Zhibo joint engineering detection management system’, can be real-time upload test data, to achieve standardized testing of the management.




Amplifier frequency band

1~10k (Hz)

A/D resolution

24 bit A/D

Sampling time intervals

6.4μ ~ 1638.4μs

Maximum length of sampling


Amplitude nonlinear degree


Dynamic range

≥144 (dB)

Error of time indication


Gain error


Transducer sensitivity

≥100 mV/g (Acceleration Mode)

Amplifier frequency range


Battery Operating Time

>5 hours


Lithium battery

Total weight

Approx. 0.34kg

Fixed point magnification

1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64


PDA with sunlight viewable touchscreen display

Data Storage